Wednesday, January 1, 2020

(UPDATED) Happy New Year! + Roadmap

"Checking back in with the gang. It looks like Vanessa and Hitomi are spent. Can Ali hold on until the end of the year, or will Debra finally get her turn on George's slab of festive meat?! Hope you all enjoy the celebrations tonight. Don't get too stuffed (like the girls) and remember to drink at least a little bit of something that isn't alcohol (I hear milk does wonders for your stamina!)"

Apologies for the wait on uploading this follow-up image. Got too busy working on the game's writing. Anyway, here it is. Hope everyone is enjoying 2020 so far! :)

"It's a Christmas Miracle! All the nice girls who weren't naughtily hiding away in the town's Casino have stumbled upon the amazingly strong & rock hard 'Northern Poll' that marks the entrance to Geo- I mean Santa's extra warm and cozy workshop! Now that his willing group of busty 'ho, ho, hoes' have arrived, with plenty of fresh milk and cookies in hand, Father Christmas can finally take the much needed break he deserves and treat the girls with some gifts of their own. His sack is fully loaded with heaps of little presents for each slut's festively fertile womb! It's sure to be a wonderfully thick and virile 'White Christmas' in this humble abode very soon... What a wonderful and merry time of year for all who choose to celebrate!"

Hello everyone,
I hope you've all had an enjoyable holiday season and New Year celebration.
The above image was something I posted for my patrons last week for Christmas so I'm posting it here as well. There was a follow up image that I did for "New Years" yesterday, I will post that publicly in a couple of days for everyone to see.

Still busy working on v0.08. It's a lot of work restructuring the development sandbox to make things work for Tiffany's multiple body types alongside re-rendering a lot of existing content for dialogue scenes and combat sex scenes, along side the new story, gameplay and sex scene content.

Yes, I haven't forgotten about posting the 2020 Development Roadmap. I plan on doing that shortly. I will post a link here when it is up. I think I will make a new page for it and just keep it updated over time, instead of making it a blog post here.

You can now access the Terminal Desires - 2020 Development Roadmap from the new tab in the blog's header, or by clicking the link below:

Anyway, just wanted to share this quick update with you. Will find time for more blog posts here at a later date and updating things like the character pages to have more useful information and more relevant characters .Will update this post in a few days with the second image.

~ Jim

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Terminal Desires v0.07 Public Release!

Before we get started, from today. V0.07 is officially out for everyone.  You can get the links on this blog or by visiting the Patreon page here:

It's been almost a year since I last did a proper blog post like this. But I kept saying I would, so here it is. Obviously I've been doing a ton of work in the meantime. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of people reading this are already long aware of all the additions I've been making to the game since I last posted about v0.03 here in December 2018. But just for the sake of consistency, I'm going to post a whole heap of images here and recap the major additions.

For real though. I post much more often on twitter now, so you really should follow me there for more frequent posts.

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Obviously the best way to get in touch with me is via the patron page or the patron discord server. (You only have to be a patron once to get access). I will still continue to answer questions as I have been frequently here (Visit the terminal Desires page if you want to seem some of the questions and responses.)

Anyway, I know you probably all just want to see the roadmap. But I just wanted to get this out of the way first just to keep this blog up to date.

Let's start with all the new characters introduced since v0.03:


George is Robert's older brother who owns a gun store in the southern part of Ashton lake. As of now he is the only trader in the game. More traders with various items in stock will be added in future versions (Earliest v0.11). But George will always have the most useful stuff for sale. His prices will differ depending on his relationship with Tiffany over the course of the game. If she behaves, she'll get a discount. If she pisses him off, her prices will be higher. This will help determine how easy it is for Tiffany to get her hands on the game's most powerful (for now) weapon. The shotgun:

As of v0.07, enough loot has been added to find around the town that it should be possible to finally purchase the shotgun no matter Tiffany's relationship with George is. Though some loot might be harder to find than others...
Of course the best way to get the shotgun is to let Robert knock Tiffany up at the beginning of the game, but that's all up to the player of course.

And obviously I added a sex scene between Tiffany and George that will trigger if Tiffany claims to him that she was impregnated by Robert. George might still have one of the Biggest dicks in TD. We will see more of him and Tiffany in v0.12 for sure.


Deputy Sheriff 'Debra Derringer' (Age 28), is the only surviving member of Ashton Lake's Sheriff's Station. She is immune to the virus (Like Tiffany & Sydney) and is a tough, southern gal with some serious aim (if she has any bullets). You can find her (and her trusty steed, 'Big Barney') at one of the farm's in the town's outskirts. And save her (or simple watch) as she attempts to fend off a couple of infected.

Tiffany can also get in on the fun in this scene if she submits or fails to rescue Debra:

Debra also has a bit of a wild side though. And while she isn't so turned on by though the though of gross infected zombies or beasts (for now) she can still appreciate a good stud when she finds one. Something that Terry quickly discovers:

It ended up being one of the biggest sex scenes yet. There's also the chance for terry to knock Debra up in this scene. :P Even Vanessa will show up to perv on them if she's available at the time:

Back to the farms, where Tiffany gets the option (via the beast patch) of helping out 3 of Jebadiah's missing stallions and enticing them to come back home to the barn, along with a blowjob scene for the Zombie Horse:

Man, what's old man Jeb been feeding these guys? ;) Much more to come with them in future versions as well. Probably v0.12 will be the next time we'll see the trio and Debra's Big Barney too.

Of course, if Tiffany completes her mission she can have some fun with her master as well (Maybe even getting impregnated). In a new outfit as well:

Get more of Jeb's antics in v0.12 as well.

Anyway, apart from Jeb's 3 horses and Debra's big boy, there's one more animal friend added for the girls to have some fun with now:


Jasper is a stray dog that Tiffany can rescue and bring home to the pharmacy. He's accidentally been eating a bunch of FWI experimental male enhancement pills that had been thrown out in the trash. Oops! Oh well, it seems like Tiffany and Hitomi don't mind too much:

More mischievousness to come with Jasper and the girls in future versions. Probably not for a while though v0.14 at the earliest.

Then we have all the new Casino Character's introduced in v0.07:


Miguel Cortés has worked for Norman Fairchild for many years. He manages the Casino for Fairchild, and keeps the flow of money coming his way. He is very aware of Fairchild's  connection to the pharmaceutical giant "Fertile Womb Industries." Essentially everyone on Fairchild's payroll are required to participate in routine F.W.I. experimentation's overseen by Dr. Slater and his team. Everyone is well compensated of course, and most end up with one or two special "endowments" as a result of the experiments...
Miguel is a yes man, He does what Fairchild wants, and in return Miguel is able to run the Casino and conduct business as he pleases. He doesn't question the orders from his boss. So while is fully aware that these experiments, are of some importance to his boss, Miguel has no idea what their true purpose is, and he doesn't care. He does what he's told, and lives like a king... until the town fills with zombies and things get complicated...

Miguel's wife died several years ago, but he continues to live in the Casino's Penthouse suite with his 20 year old son -

Romeo Cortés (Age 19) has grown up his whole, privileged life in luxury, living out of the Casino's penthouse suite. He was never very well liked by the other kids in town. He acted up a lot as a kid, until his mother passed away and he became more sombre and mature. He doesn't really get along with his father, but he respects him and does what he's told. He is yet to participate in any experimentation at the hands of Dr. Slater's team. Key word is "yet"...

Romeo will play a larger role in v0.08 and beyond (depending on player choice). 


Norman Fairchild has many people on his payroll. He basically controls most of Ashton Lake from the Shadows. He even has his own small, yet highly trained, private military force at his disposal made up of 2 "security" teams. The first team is in charge of security at his mansion on the edge of town, overlooking the lake. (Yes there is an actual lake, we'll get there...) And the second, is in charge of Security at the Casino.

This second, private security team is led by Noah Coopers. Ex-Military, now employed by Fairchild and acting as the Casino's Chief of Security. The job of his squad is to keep Miguel and Romeo safe, although the have more responsibilities than that, and other things to protect at the Casino...
He is concerned for his daughter's safety who is currently missing somewhere in Ashton Lake...

Noah will play a larger role in v0.08 and beyond (depending on player choice).

Yep, Lara was redesigned specifically for Terminal Desires, just like Sydney was in v0.03 :P

Lara Wells (Age 34) was recently employed by Miguel to work as a maid at the Ashton Lake Casino. While her primary duties  involved taking care of the hotel rooms on floors 3-5 of the building,  she occasionally worked some nights as a stripper as a part of the 1st  floor's late night entertainment services. She quickly became her boss's favorite girl and started working for him a couple of weeks ago in a much more 'intimate' capacity. She attends to all of Miguel's personal needs and has been sleeping with him ever since he first invited her to stay the nights with him in the master bedroom of his penthouse suite on the 5th floor. After discovering that she was immune to the virus, Lara has become an invaluable addition to the Casino's remaining group of survivors, often tasked with the more dangerous jobs due to the low risk that the infected pose to her.

Lara will play a larger role in v0.08 and beyond.

Andre Richardson is the last remaining Casino Bouncer. He works directly for Miguel and is the last of the establishment's in-house security. He hasn't got that much loyalty, but with the whole town fucked, he has no reason to abandon ship and leave the safety of the Casino. Like some others have tried. He's committed to waiting this whole thing out. Though he only wishes there was a woman around to keep him company...

Clearly he's had gained rather large enhancements to his genitals. Not everyone who undergoes the experimental treatment ends up with the same results or enhancements. It affects some, more than others...

Depending on player choice, he can have a sex scene with Tiffany, that could potentially result in an impregnation:


Kiana Eller (Age 26) is the only surviving member in Noah's original 8 man security team and also Ex-Military. Currently stationed at the town's Casino as a part it's security team led by Noah. She respects Noah, and is loyal to him. She gets along with Andre, but they bicker and talk shit frequently.  She couldn't care less about Miguel or Romeo, but she follows orders, so she'll do what she's told.

Her huge dick is a side effect of the F.W.I. experimentation process. Prior to the experiments she had female genitalia. Most women would probably have been pissed to end up that way, but Kiana loves her new 'toy'. Like Andre, she too wishes there was a woman their to help them left off some steam...

Luckily for her, there's Tiffany to help them out with that. Depending on player choice, she can have an anal sex scene with Tiffany.

Few, well, that about wraps it up for all the new characters. Unless you also count new Zombie variants as characters. In which case...

Female Zombie:

Sewer Zombie:


Alpha Zombie:

Other Scenes:

There's also a short handjob scene with Terry & Tiffany as a "reward" for one of the quests ('A Helping Hand'):

I also added Vanessa's imprisonment/impregnation scene if you chose to side with Dr. Milburn on the first day:

You will be able to help Dr. Milburn imprison more girls in future versions (Debra will be next in v0.13)

There's also some more combat sex scenes with existing Zombie variations as well:

And I think that just about wraps it up for all of the new scenes since v0.03. There's also been a bunch of new gameplay features/mechanics, areas, quests/story progression, items & bug fixes implemented since. But at this point. You're probably just better off downloading the game for yourself and checking out the changelog if you want every single detail on what's been added. Maybe I even forgot a couple of thins... I'd post it here, but this entry is already getting way too long. So I'm going to leave it here for now. Hope those who haven't had a chance to try it yet, enjoy all that v0.07 has to offer and please consider becoming a patron to support the development of future versions if you like what I do. :)

Until next time...

Sorry for the wait once again on this post. I will post the 2020 Roadmap here at some point in the coming days. Thanks to everyone who has supported the developement of the game or provided their feedback. Thanks for playing and sticking with me as I take my time attempting to make the game as good as I can. Will try to keep the blog a bit more up to date from now on.

~ Jim