Sunday, July 4, 2021

Terminal Quickies: A Case of Conception - Part 1

Hello everyone,

It's been a while... Again... 😓 But, I've got some content I've been meaning to post here on the blog for some time that I'm going to start getting around to starting with this one!

Other than the places you can support my work (SubscribeStar & Patreon + the supporter Discord that you get access to for being a supporter), the only other place I really post is on my Twitter. Where I'm not quite as active as I should be, but at least more active than on this blog! (Yes, I will go and responds to the big backlog of blog comments soon after this)

At some point in the near future, I plan on opening up parts of my Discord Server to the public, so that more people can easily follow along with me, the Terminal Desires community & and keep up with what's going on. And before I get into the main topic of today's post, v0.10 is still several months away at least. I have confidence that it will be out before the end of 2021. I hope to have v0.11 out by then as well. It is the biggest release to date and a massive overhaul of the game's prologue so far. Check the Roadmap here for more details on what's being added. I'll try to put together a basic summary blog here at some point too. Keep in mind that I took 2 unpaid months off this year where I paused my incoming support. So v0.10's only really been in active development for just over 4 months. Apologies, but you will just have to continue waiting. I can't give release date estimations anymore because I always end up missing them and disappointing people. I hate it too, but it will be done when it's done. There will be Alpha & Beta Releases for supporters to try out, but they will primarily be for locating bugs, because there will probably be a lot this time cause of all the changes and new features. 😅


Right, now what the heck are "Terminal Quickies"!?

Terminal Quickies are a collection of canon stories set in the Terminal Desires universe written by me and accompanied by illustrations from various artists. For "A Case of Conception" this is a story centered around he character of Lara Wells and fleshes out her life as an associate attorney in Hardwood City (Where Tiffany & Terry are from) roughly 1-2 months before the events of the game (where we see her masquerading as a bimbo maid). It is also a great opportunity to expand on the world, introduce new characters (who may show up in the game later...) and divulge some information that doesn't really fit inside of the game's already bloated exposition dumps! And of course, Lara's story here is being illustrated by the wonderful popsiclebunny

With this post, I am finally making the first part of this story available to the public. However, Part 2 is available right now (Two more pieces of art & around 5000 more words) to all $1+ supporters over on SubscribeStar OR Patreon. From now on, every time a Terminal Quickies story receives an update over on those platforms, I will come and release the previous installment to you all on the blog here. 👍  Since it is important to have access to some of this information/lore since it is all canon after all and you never know what seeds I may be planting inside of these things for future game events! 😈



Also, here are some reference renders I did of Lara's design for her attorney look. 😘



Thanks for your patience, more posts soon. I have to share with you all the first pages of the Terminal Juggs Comic that I've been working on so that people actually know what to expect from that SubscribeStar project.

~ Jim

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Terminal Desires v0.09 Public Release!

v0.09 is officially out for everyone! You can get the links on this blog or by visiting the support platforms here:



Hello everyone,

Once again it's been far too long since I made a public blog post. Knowing 2020, perhaps it was for the best that I mostly skipped posting last year... Hopefully everyone is doing well enough. These days (as most people probably know) I'm far more active on Twitter, at least by comparison.

Click Here to visit my Twitter



I also reached 1000 followers there not too long ago (now over 1300!), I even did this image to celebrate:


But for a while now the best place to get in touch with me has been via Patreon, SubscribeStar or the associated Discord server that anyone who's ever supported at the $1 on either platform can gain permanent access to. I've always intended to focus more on posting blogs here, but I suspect I will this year. I plan on making some changes to my supporter tiers and that involves posting more development blogs publicly so more people can keep up to date with the development of the game. 


Speaking of which, there's been two releases since the last time I made a post here. v0.08 and v0.09.

I'm sure most people reading this have already played both by now, but for the sake of consistency I'll briefly go over the major additions to the game since v0.07 and dump a bunch of images here.

 One of the big additions introduced with v0.08 is Tiffany's 3 new body types available from Day 3 onward, depending on some of the choices made:

Day 4 (when we get to it around v0.15) will see 3 final additional bodies added to the list:

  • Base Stage: 2. Pregnancy Stage: 0.
  • Base Stage 2. Pregnancy Stage: 1.
  • Base Stage 2. Pregnancy Stage : 2.

After finally giving birth, Tiffany will lose the Pregnancy Stage(the belly), but will keep the Base Stage increases, unless the player chooses to have them revert as well. It will be an option after giving birth.

this is a cool feature, and one of the main things I wanted to accomplish with this game being a fan of transformations/breast expansion/body growth/impregnation etc. But obviously it means I need to make a lot more art variations which is is a part of the reason development slowed down a lot during 2020. At least to start with, it took me a long time to redo everything for Tiffany's 3 new bodies. It's a process I'm still working on with not all scenes done yet (or any outfits, but luckily that ties into the story...) And it's something I'll need to do all over when Day 4 introduced the remaining 3 body types. And then again for the other girls in town as well. It's a massive undertaking, but also kind of one of the main points of this game so I think it will all be worth it in the end.


Another massive component of v0.08 was of course the introduction of the Stealth Mode mechanic and the associated "Cum Extraction" Scenes.

This introduced a new and fun way to navigate the areas. And can also act as an excuse to allow for players doing a "Non-Slut" play-through to justify their Tiffany having some sexy scenes with the zombies ;) Of course, it also introduced the new "Addicted to Zombie Cum" status. This system will be expanded on and improved in the future, alongside other things that Tiffany can become addicted to. Addictions will be able to get removed later via a doctor character or via some item. I haven't exactly decided yet.

There are some other minor "features" such as the ability to actually name your save files now (to help keep track of your play-throughs), but you can check the changelog (accessible from the game's menu) if you want to read all of the minor additions and bug fixes. Onto the new scenes:

One new enemy to encounter was added in v0.08 the Bestial Zombie. A special infected type whose DNA has merged with the flesh of the animals it has consumed...

All of the added Combat Sex Scenes / Cum Extraction Scenes are as follows:

  • Remade 2 combat scenes for Day 3+ (Regular Zombie & Sewer Zombie)
  • Added 3 new combat scenes for Day 3+ (Female Zombie, Alpha Zombie, Bestial Zombie)
  • Added 4 "Cum Extraction" scenes for Day 3+ (Regular Zombie, Alpha Zombie, Sewer Zombie, Bestial Zombie)
  • Added a 2D combat scene featuring art by Flowerxl as a test/bonus for Day 1&2 (Enable via "Toggle Optional Content" key item)

And then there are the new story scenes added to v0.08 & v0.09. Here you can finally complete the Casino section of the story. On the off chance you haven't already played it, I'll go light on spoilers here and just give a brief summary of the new content: 5 new story scenes for Day 3 at the Casino, including several choices, 2 boss fights and 3 story sex scenes the player can experience. You will also be able to fight (and fuck) alongside Lara in both boss fights.



There is plenty more I have chosen to omit from this, since this part of the story contains some twists and turns so I will introduce some other new characters in a later post to give the people who haven't played a chance to experience the story for themselves. Though Kiana does have a different outfit on (casual wear) in her v0.08 (Day 3) appearnace so I'll leave those renders here:

Along with the concept for the new "Fister" Zombie boss that players will ecnouter after the confrontaion with Romeo...


So that about wraps up this post.

Next up is v0.10. It's quite a huge update that is honestly going to take me around 6 months to complete more or less. Not including the break I plan on taking in March (Billing will be paused). It's still in pre-production at the time of writing so many of my plans for it are subject to change and unconfirmed, yet you can consult the Road Map for a rough idea of what to expect. You will not have to keep your save files though, and I need to break the game in order to make some import back-end changes. As a result, v0.10 will not continue the story, but will instead aim to add in new content to Days 1, 2 & 3 to make your new play-through more enjoyable. Something that should be enhanced by the many new features such as the introduction of voiced lines for Tiffany and the much requested Scene Gallery where you can revisit your favorite sex scenes from the game.

Thanks for your patience. More posts sometime soon. Including a very late 2020 Xmas special...

Oh yeah. Happy New Year Everyone! :)

~ Jim

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Lara's Swim

Started in 2012 as one of my first tests with LuxRender. Finished rendering the final 42nd image in 2016, but contained way too many graphical errors to be worth releasing. Now finally fully edited as of today, I present to you, one of the more mediocre works I've ever produced! That's right, it's "Lara's Swim"!

Haha, well, it's here. And you can thank Patreon's "Trust and Safety" team for motivating me to put this thing out here. I had originally released the first half of this set one week last year as a bit of bonus content for $10 patrons, but still never found the time to fully finish editing it. Last week though, I was asked by Patreon to remove it because it appeared on face value to depict a "non-consensual" sex scene. If you take a look at the (now finished) second half of image set, you'll see that was never the intention at all. Far from it! As per the usual with all of my projects...

But anyway, figured I'd set aside a couple of days and tidy these images up for release. It ended up being much more of a "fix it in post" set, and it just kind of kept getting pushed to the side over the years since it never really ended up being that exciting in the end. Especialy when you compare it to a lot of my more recent work... Hopefully somebody will get a kick out of it though :)

There was going to be a sequel, which would have involved some penis growth for the Fish-Man and some impregnation/egg laying for Lara, but that's unlikely to ever happen now. These models are super old (though I did update Lara for TD), this set piece looks like garbage and I have far more interesting things to work on at this point in time and well into the future. Who knows though, perhaps some kind of spiritual successor could occur in the form of a TD plot line or something somewhere far down the line...


Or just take a look for yourself below:

Thanks for checking it out :) Hope you're all still staying safe!

~ Jim