Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Emily's Investigation Final Release!

Hi everyone, really excited to tell you that I'm finally finished this 75 image set of Emily and the Zombies.

Emily is called in to investigate strange noises in the night coming form the local cemetery. Little does she know that dead have begun to awake from their deep slumber and are desperate to relieve them selves of years of sexless nights. Featuring Emily and some horny zombies in 2 locations with 75 images.

Download 32.07 MB
View Online: Here

Hope you enjoy, and make sure to leave a comment and vote in the poll if you Haven't already.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Emily's Investigation: Part 2 Preview

EDIT: 27/JAN/2014:

Obviously I'm not very good with my release dates :(

I still have 10 images left to go and I'm going to try really hard (no pun intended) to get them done in the next 2 days. Hopefully I'm right this time! Sorry to those who are waiting but It'll be just a bit longer. I'll make a new blog post and upload some links when it's done.

Original Post:

Hey, sorry for taking so long on this set. I just can't stop myself adding in fluids and cleaning up my renders but I guess in the end that makes them better. So as of now I only have 20 images left to go and I expect to release this set by the end of next week (Sunday the 2nd of February).

In the meantime here as some new preview images of what's to expect from part 2:

At the moment my focus is getting this set out the way. After that I'll do some more of Sally's mini set and show you all a preview of everything I'm currently working on.

Stay tuned and keep voting!

~ Jimjim

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sally in "Black and White" [Updated 18/FEB/2014]

Well we finally have a lead for 3rd place in the popularity poll. So I wrote a Bio and rendered up some images as a reward for Sally.

As an elf she usually dedicates most of her time to relieving the sexual tensions of all the monsters and creatures in her realm with the goal of one day uniting all races into a peaceful (and sexy) nation. However, not all elves believe in harmony like Sally does. Most of the Highborn elves wish to rule the fantasy world they live in and eliminate all other "inferior" races. Sally is not a highborn elf, and is looked down upon for her "relationships" with other species.

Sally (or Salleena as was her birth name) travels to our dimension from time to time through the inter-deminsional-transporter (I.D.T.) powered by ancient elven magic. A Lowborn elf such as herself would never normally be allowed to use it! However, through her father's friend she got in touch with the Elven Archmage and lets just say she convinced him to let her take a few trips in it ;)

So now with the ability to travel through dimensions, time and space; Sally goes from planet to planet gathering "experience" and training her body to help her unite the races in her realm. Last time she was on Earth she had heard rumors of black cocks and their size. Their were no black elvish races in her realm so Sally was excited to see if such a large difference in size could be seen in the same species.


UPDATE 18/FEB/2014

To Be Continued...

I will update this post when I do more so stay tuned and keep voting!

~ Jimjim

Monday, January 6, 2014

A bit about Lara (and some other news too)

As I write this post I'm rendering the final image for Emily's Investigation. Then begins the long and tedious editing process which you can track at the side bar where I attempt to remove noise, clipping and add Jizz. But at least the rendering process is over now so part 2 and the complete set should be out with in a week if time permits.

In the meantime I thought I'd do some more renders and a bit of a bio of our curvy, well-endowed, milf; Lara, who is currently in second place. Milf you say? Yes, Lara is a single mother of one; a 17 year old daughter named Julie. It's tough being a single mom in today's economy so Lara works two jobs. She teaches at her daughter's high school at day and at night leaves Julie with her grandpa while she secretly works as a stripper and dancer at the city nightclub.

What do you think? Want to know more about Lara and her life? Another characters background? Just forget it and do some more sex? Let me know in the comments bellow.

 Also more Sydney:

We have a lot of girls tied for 3rd place at the moment; Emily, Tanya, Sally and Phoebe. Who should get some renders next? Or should I just do more of Sydney and Lara to award them for their popularity? Stay tuned!

 ~ Jimjim

Friday, January 3, 2014

Sydney's in the Lead

As of this post Sydney is winning the popularity poll. She decided to thank her fans by showing off her new outfit.

EDIT: Blogger seems to hate me when I upload images, Here's an uncompressed high quality version:

Sydney likes to wear her hair in pigtails some times. She enjoys the extra attention it gets her (not that she needs it).

Remember to vote for your favorite. Lara is coming close second and we have 3 tied for third place. There's still ages to vote but the more votes we get the clearer the victor is. And maybe the girls will do some more pinups if more votes come in ;)

In other news I have about 1-3 more shots to render with the 2nd part of Emily's Investigation then I just have to sit down and edit it all together (noise fix-ups and semen) . It should be out in the next 2 weeks.

~ Jimjim