Friday, October 10, 2014

A Whole Bunch of Stuff!

Well As you might be able to tell if you frequently check the blog, I've finally gotten around to finishing the final renders of the Locker Room set. All I have left to do is the post process and editing stage. I'm almost done as you can see in the progress section to the right hand side of the screen. I was planning on releasing it now but I've had some urgent IRL stuff to keep me occupied (which I've been neglecting :/) so It might take till next week to have it all finished by.

However, I was recently going through my folders of renders and realised I have quite a bit of work I haven't posted here. Projects that never went anyware or just a lot of test images I forgot to or haven't gotten around to posting yet. So I thought I'd post some of the images I have in my folders.

First up is some images I posted on the affect 3d forums a while ago. I forgot what they were for admittedly. Probably a summer thread or something anyway here is a test image of a beach I did along with A render of Lara in her sexy swimsuit (also the one she's wearing in Lara's Swim).

Speaking of Lara, While Lara's swim set is still quite a ways off, she will have a small Easter egg/cameo appearance in the Upcoming Emily's negotiation story. She's simply a background character will be seen briefly in a couple of images. But I decided to do something a little different. I decided that at the time Emily's Negotiation takes place, Lara is only 18 where she is usually portrayed as her 34 year old self in other images. I thought it could be fun to play with the timeline a bit and try to integrate the characters more into the overall story universe I'm currently working on with some talented writers. But that's a story for a different post. Here's some images of 18 year old Lara and 34 year old Lara.

Next is a new character I came up with one day. I've posted these images already on my affect 3d forum thread, and had already added her to my roster of girls a while ago but never mentioned it here on my blog for some reason. Her name is Fae and she's an Elven princess from the same dimension as Sally. Her father is the High elf king and her mother a Dark elf princess. I have a lot of her story Planned out But again I'll leave it for a future post. Here she is in the buff and in her Combat uniform(though she's not a fighter it's more of a ceremonial dress).

Some other images I had posted on my forum thread but forgot to post here were some early shots of a set I was thinking of working on a while ago but stopped to focus on other things. The girl on the bed was a wip I was working on at the time. She's supposed to be the younger sister of Ashley, Amelia. Maybe I will continue to work on this in the future. But for now I unfortunately have too many other projects to focus on.

Whilst working on one of my announced story projects that I'm working on with another writer. I was coming up with another new Alien race that would appear in the said story and other future image sets.

Yes that is a tentacle penis. They're called the "Sekkan" and they are not particularly strong or durable but they are a highly sexual race of all males who impregnate the females of other races with tiny eggs that are found in their semen. The eggs begin to grow/develop inside a female hosts womb. Between 5 and 10 eggs survive to the point of birthing which happens 48 hours after insemination. The eggs hatch almost immediately after the birthing. Newborns become sexually active 72 hours after hatching and become a full adult in under a week after hatching.

As you can see they are a very effective way of supplying troops to the battlefield. They are often deployed behind enemy lines to begin breeding with the females and bolster the number of troops. This way reinforcements are rarely needed. When they see a female they instantly mark them with a stream of semen. That way if they are killed before getting a chance to copulate the other Sekkan can track the female down and finish the job by following the sent. Sekkan don't usually overpopulate as they are constantly used on the front lines of combat and only have an average lifespan of around 3 years but have been known to live up to 6 or 7 years in some cases. 

Since the Sekkan rely on the females of other races for breeding, their top priority is always to impregnate women to sustain their fragile population. They would never waste a female by killing them as they are too valuable to them. However they would attack and attempt to kill males on sight unless they are given orders not to.

Finally here is a test render I did for Aprils outfit in "April's Zombie

Well That's all for now. Feel free to leave feedback and comment below as I love hearing what people have to say as it keeps me motivated even if it's (negative feedback). I aim to have "the Locker Room done  by this time next week so stay tuned till then. Thanks for reading.

~ Jimjim

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sydney Model Update

Anyone a fan of Sydney? The curviest girl is back and rounder then ever. Upgraded to the new Genesis 2 base figure.

Which hair style do you prefer? I may just swap between them depending on her mood.

In other News I've decided to go with a static size for the giants cock. Level 1. However I won't rule out the possibility of some dick growth experiments in the future for people who are interested.