Sunday, October 28, 2012

Preview: Ashley's Peril

Coming up next: Ashley vs the Tentacle Monster! Not much of a fight though once the Tentacle Monster fills her up with his aphrodisiac ;)

~ Jimjim

Tanya and the Imp

Tanya is ready for a night of partying. Little does she know that there's a horny Imp is in the same bar she's at. She's plays along at first for the fun of it, but once she see's his huge member, she just can't resist the little guy. 57 Images Featuring Tanya and the Imp!

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~ Jimjim

Jen's Dance

Jen's alone at the Dance Studio for a practice session. Little does she know that a horny Goblin is lurking around the place! 41 Images Featuring Jenifer and the Goblin!

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~ Jimjim117