Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lara's Swim Teaser (UPDATED!)

Just a quick post showing off the Fishman that's after Lara in the upcoming set.

Hope you enjoy.

EDIT: (6/Jan/2012) As a request I increased the size of the Fishman's "equipment" again. I'm more happy with it now, I don't think I'll make it any bigger. And Here it is in some shot of Lara's big wet ass for good measure.

~ Jimjim

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! (Update, Turtle Man and Wet Lara)

Happy New Year Everyone! Just wanted to take the time to post some new WIPs and Previews for you all and give some heads up on my plans for the start of the year.

First of all, I am now free for about 4 weeks to render so in that time I hope to at least finish the anticipated "Emily's Investigation" which marks the last Image Set to use my old rendering software and also make some significant progress on Lara's Swim and a New Image Set I'm announcing now! But after those 4 weeks anything can happen. It shouldn't be too bad but it might be slow progress for a while as I'll be busy back at my job. I hope to do alot of mini Sets and Specials throughout the year to tide you over between the big ones as waiting that long for a fetish you might not like is tough. Also soon I'm going to start envolving the community more with polls to vote on what I should do next. Remember I always take suggestions, ideas, requests if they are reasonable and if I like the idea.

Now on to the Bits you've been waiting for. Not a full preview, more of a teaser of what to expect in Lara's Swim so here it is the first of possibly more teasers for that set: Wet Lara!

And for the new set announcement: "Turtle Power" Featuring April and an undecided amount of Turtle Men (Most likely 4). I'll be starting on this set as soon as I finish "Emily's Investigation" as I like to be working on two sets at a time. Special thanks to "achilles668" for requesting and inspiring the idea for this set. So here are two previews of the first Turtle Man and one with April.

 So hopefully you enjoyed that and also look forward to this year as much as I do. I really hope people get involved with their feedback and ideas this year. Thanks for your support so far, and have a happy 2013!

~ Jimjim