Monday, February 9, 2015

The "Elphine"

Hey Everyone, I said I was going to do another post this week about the new race I've created and some of the design process so here it is.

This new race is called the "Elphine" (Pronounced "Elf"-"fine"). The reason behind the name was simply me wanting something that sounded "elvish" and I thought that this one was pretty good though perhaps a bit blatant. The basic  idea around it was; although I'm not a massive fan of futa I have no problem with it coming in the form of some alien race. For me I like my humans "mostly" within the realms of normal human appearance. So for me futa/dick girls (not shemales) is more along the lines of some fantasy race that kind of wireds me out which sounds strange even for me as I type this. It's hard to explain. I guess I just like my fantasy to be grounded in reality and have no problem using dick girls so long as they are from some other race where such a thing is possible.

Also who doesn't like cute blue alien girls?

Here was one of the first iterations back before the hair and the ears and some other minor features were added to flesh the design out:

The reason for creating it apart from adding a Futa/dick girl to my roster was because as my story series that I'm working on gets more and more "sci-fi" I need to create different Aliens and Planets to flesh the universe which allows for a lot more variety. I plan on creating several more alien races as time goes on as they will be needed for both the Emily Series and the Camille Series Which Will be officially announced some time this month hopefully. 

Here are the final designs for the Elphine race showing off both Flaccid and Erect Members:

If I haven't already mentioned, The "Elphine" are an all female race of Futa's. They reproduce with females from other species. Just think of the "Asari" from Mass Effect except as dick girls.

Now the above is just an example of what an ordinary Elphine can look like. They're fully customizable like all the other races and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However at the end of the day they are just the "average joes" of the race. I'm about to try an explain the concept behind my alien races and the way they work.

Essentially each race was three stages of beings. Regulars, Alphas and Kings (Queens in the case of Elphine's). It's a social hierarchy system that goes as you would expect. The regulars would be for the case of the Elphine, what is shown above, your average citizen from that race. Every alien That I have displayed so far (Greys, Kregans, Sekkan) have all been from the regular class.

Alpha's are the next step up. Each race has them (alpha males for the male based races and alpha females for the elphine). Alpha's are essentially bigger, stronger, faster, more virile, superior individuals from each race. There's not many of them as you would expect but they exist.

Each of the races then have a leader in the form of a King (Queen for the Elphine). The King is essentially the most superior out of all of the alphas.  All of the race I have shown so far (bar the Sekkans) are part of an intergalactic union that rules as a council. This council is made up of all the Kings/Queen from each race. This stage is  of course exclusive to one member from each race. There can't be two kings from the same race as you would expect.

Why am I going on about all of this? We'll maybe not for a while. But eventually this will be important when we venture out into space and start exploring some of this races and cultures more closely.

Also it was mostly to set up for these next two images which are an example of what an Elphine Queen would look like:

And yes, when I said they were the biggest I did mean it in that way. Maybe to you it seems ironic that the advanced alien races are governed by whoever has the biggest genitals from each race. But whatever, It's my universe I can do what I want :P. Plus I find it erotic that there's these different stages/sizes and the way it works into society for these aliens. But maybe that's just me.

Anyway I hope you've enjoyed reading about the race, the design process and a bit about the universe I'm creating with the help of andi and Camille.

I hope to create several more alien races for what we're currently dubbing as the "Jimjimverse". I still have a bunch of ideas but I was wandering, What sort of ideas would you guys like to see in alien races that haven't already been seen as of yet? Also would you like to see more of these sorts of blog posts where I ramble on about some of the lore and other stuff that I have buzzing around in my head? Let me know in the Comments.

Also one last thing before I go. As a present for reading this wall of text hears a final, rendered version of that WIP image I posted at the start of my last post. Enjoy!

Also make sure to check out andi's blog (link above) for some previews of Emily's Negotiation.


~ Jimjim