Friday, June 7, 2013

Forecast: Rape with a small chance of consent!

Well It's been forever since I've posted anything actual and unfortunately it may still be a while before any of my sets are complete. I have been continuing my works on Phoebe for her first set and have finally decided on a hair for her. It's much higher quality than the other two and it's still got a small "warrior girl" look to it.

I also updated her body slightly with slightly larger breasts and nipples, and also added a bit more to her ass. Then I made her eyes and lips slightly larger (not seen in the above image). Here is a look at her current body:

Now the poll has finally closed with 75 votes in total! Thanks for everyone who voted, I hope to do more polls in the future that involve even more community feedback. So as the title to this post suggests, The image set with Phoebe and the Hobgoblin will be mostly Rape with a very small portion of consent thrown in at the end for those who voted for the "Consensual" (20%), and "Bit of Both" (32%) options. However the overall winner was the "Rape" option with a total of 48% of the votes! Sin light of that here are some new "promotional" images until I have some new updates with the scene rendered as well.

So, What do you guys think of her new body and hair style? Better? Worse? Should something change? What should the next poll be? Let me know in the comments bellow!

~ Jimjim