Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter 2019

Hey everyone,

Decided to do another pic with this old monster bunny model.

Sorry I've been neglecting the blog and my other public platforms these past few months. I'll fix that up eventually. But right now my time is focused on the next update for Terminal Desires.

Hope you all have a great weekend, regardless of what you celebrate. :)

~ Jim

Friday, December 14, 2018

[UPDATE] Terminal Desires v0.03 Released for $1+ Patrons!

Happy Holidays, everyone!
$1 Patrons can now get access to v0.03 of Terminal Desires. Here are some more images for you :)

Hey, everyone, as usual, sorry once again for the lack of posts here over the last month. All of my time and attention has been focused on v0.03 of Terminal Desires. It's going to continue being my focus again for the foreseeable future, But I will begin posting the first pages from Chapter 2 of OIL for $10 Patrons very soon. $10 Patrons can also get access to all of OIL: Chapter One.

Also, since Tumblr is killing off adult content, the new best place to follow me (other than here and on Patreon) is my twitter (recently renovated for posting my 3d art work to)

Click Here to visit my Twitter

As usual, I'm here to report the release of the latest version and share some renders/screenshots.  v0.03 is out now for $5+ Patrons! $1 Patrons will get access to the update on December 25th (Merry Christmas), and the public will get access on whenever v0.04 is released for $5+ Patrons...

  • I've added 2 new characters: 'Jebadiah' and a redesigned Sydney! 
  • Sydney has a short blowjob scene.
  • Jebadiah has a milking scene ;)
  • I've added 3 new enemies with scenes (Double Dick Zombie, Futa Zombie, Zombie Horse)

    • I've added new a Zombie 3-way sex scene as well if you lose/submit during this fight:

    • Added Lactation content if pregnant or if you take a certain drug...
    • Some small character quests for the girls, help them get some clothes!

    Plus a whole bunch of other little things as well. But those are the main ones.

    v0.04 will begin development in a couple of days, and I hope to have it out for $5+ Patrons sometime before the end of this month! It will be a lot shorter this time though.

    Thanks so much for your patience & support!
     ~ Jim

    Monday, November 5, 2018

    [UPDATE] Terminal Desires v0.02a Public Release!

    Terminal Desires v0.02a is now available for everyone:


    PASSWORD: Tiffany
    Mac OS X:
     Click Here to Download (439 MB | UNSUPPORTED)

    Terminal Desires v0.03 is planned for release on December 10th for $5+ Patrons.


    Hey, sorry for the lack of posts here over the last month. For those who don't know, I'm not dead this time. I've just been focusing all of my attention on my game, Terminal Desires. And posting very frequently over on my Patreon Page. It's going to remain my focus for quite some time, though I will be starting work on Chapter 2 of OIL soon, and $10 Patrons will be getting 1 page per week of that, as well as access to the full Chapter 1 of OIL over the next few weeks.

    But right now I'm here to spread the newest version of my game, v0.02a has been released! $5+ Patrons can access it right now. $1 Patrons will get access to the update on November 15th, and the public will get access on November 29th.

    The new update includes, 3 new story sex scenes, and 1 new defeat/submit sex scene for random zombies. It also includes 2 new characters who Patrons helped suggest designs for and voted on. Nurse Hitomi, and Dr. Milburn.

    There's many ways their scene can play out, which will have an impact of future quests.

    And of course there's the Infected Robert Boss Fight that was teased in v0.01b.

    And many other little improvement/additions as well, including a zombie anal scene! Please consider supporting the project on Patreon if you liked to be kept up to date on development progress and be part of the discussions, and vote in content polls etc.

    v0.03 is now in development, and it will add new enemies to fight and some new areas to explore + characters to meet.

    Thanks so much for your patience & support!
     ~ Jim

    Thursday, October 4, 2018

    Terminal Desires v0.01b


    Nothing much new content wise. Primarily polish and optimization with a couple of small additional features. Take a look at the changelog below to see if it interests you. Mostly for those who haven't played yet, or intend on replaying before v0.02.

    The rest of the month will be focused on new content for the v0.02 release at the end of the month for $5+ Patrons.

    Please consider supporting if you want to have your say in the content of future versions and get early access. Check the 'Overview' on my Patreon Page for my current planned schedule. And feel free to ask any questions below.

    More Screenshots:

    * Added new sprites for Tiffany to better reflect her current number of Armor Pieces.
    * You can now toggle Tiffany's footstep sounds using a key item.
    * The 'Reload' action will now be hidden if Tiffany can't reload, to prevent accidentally wasting a combat turn with a full clip.
    * Reduced file size by 270 MB by removing unused RPG Maker files.
    * Adjusted default audio levels.
    * Changed the music during some of the more serious story moments.
    * Fixed some minor bugs with the opening cutscene.
    * Fixed Tiffany's dialogue expressions if she hates ugly men, but accepts Robert's impregnation proposal anyway.
    * Fixed Robert's dialogue portrait for when he's shirtless.
    * Fixed a minor 'Armor Piece' bug after Robert's impregnation scene.
    * Fixed some minor quest journal bugs.
    * Fixed some typos.

    ~ Jim

    Monday, October 1, 2018

    Terminal Desires v0.01a & Patreon

    UPDATE 2:  v0.01b patch is out!
    UPDATE:  v0.01a patch is out & includes minor bug fixes + additional dialogue for Tiffany if she isn't attracted to Robert but accepts his proposal anyway.
     Click Here to Download v0.01a

    Instructions: Download the file, extract it and run "game.exe"

    Click Here to Visit the Patreon Page

    Alright. Sorry for the slight delay. I was trying to get this out before the end of September but I overestimated how long a couple of the remaining sections were going to take. I find it hard to just release things and not fuss over them until they're flawless.

    That being said, this version is far from flawless! It's simply the first demo version, a taste of what's yet to come. There will almost definitely be some bugs here and there. Let me know in the comments if you find anything and I'll add it to my list of things to work on. If there's something game-breaking I'll release a v0.01b patch or something in the next couple of days.

    Check out the Patreon Page where you can help support the game and decide it's future content. It's a bit bare-bones right now. But I'll soon have a lot up there for patrons to discuss/vote on.

    Leave your feedback, questions or comments below. I'd love to get peoples thoughts on this.

    ~ Jim

    Tuesday, September 25, 2018

    Terminal Desires: Devblog - 02

    Hey everyone, before I get started, I'd just like to say a big thanks to those who have picked up the first chapter of OIL. If you didn't already know, you can get it for yourself at the Affect3D store at the link below:

    Anyway, I've had a bit of a busy week but I wanted to provide an update and reassure people that the first public demo will still be coming out by the end of the week. Though there's still a lot to do before then! So I'll be keeping this one short (probably...).

    I figured I'd talk a bit about the game dev schedule and how I'm handling things with this project. And sprinkle in some renders for good measure.

    There are three main phases I am cycling through right now:
    1. Writing/Planning.
    2. Rendering.
    3. Implementing.
    Now that probably sounds super straight forward, but its a big step up from just rendering images or making comics. Especially when you take into account that for pretty much the first time ever I'm holding myself to strict deadlines. I want to release a new build every month. Sure I could delay it another month or so and make it super awesome for the first release... but then I'd fall back into a comfortable schedule of taking my own sweet time and never releasing anything until it was perfect. I can guarantee that holding myself to this kind of monthly development cycle is the best thing for the game as a whole. Plus it means you guys won't have to wait years for it to be done.

    I hope what I'm saying is making sense! Basically by having monthly deadlines you guys will actually get content and it will force me to work smarter. Where as taking all the time I'd like means I'd never release it and develop it for months before getting something out there. Which is also a silly thing to do since I can't be entirely sure how much support the game will get at this stage.

    Release Schedule (Planned):
    So let's talk about my Patreon/release plans real quick. I'm still working on the page and tiers etc so I'll let you know when it's live. There will probably be a link embedded in the game's menu so you shouldn't miss it. My current plans are to release monthly builds or 'versions'.  Here's how it will most likley work:

    • v0.01 will come out by the end of the week and will be available publicly for everyone.
    • The Patreon page will go live and will have $1, $5 and $10 tiers to start with.

    • v0.02 will come out by the end of October and be available for $5+ patrons.
      • It will continue the story and contain at least 2 new sex scenes and other improvements/features.
    • During the month, patron's will discuss and vote on what they would like to see in v0.03.

    • v0.03 will come out by the end of November and be available for $5+ patrons.
      • It will contain scenes or features as decided by patrons during October.
    • v0.02 will be released for $1 patrons.
    •  During the month, patron's will discuss and vote on what they would like to see in v0.04.

    • v0.04 will come out by the end of December and be available for $5+ patrons.
      • It will contain scenes or features as decided by patrons during the month of November.
    • v0.03 will be released for $1 patrons.
    •  v0.02 will be released publicly for everyone.
    •  During the month, patron's will discuss and vote on what they would like to see in v0.05.

    Well, that's the plan at least! :)

    So what other rewards will there be for patrons? Well it might change at some time in the future, but as of now it's looking like the tiers will be

    $1 Patrons:

    • Access to last month's Patreon build.
    • Access to the weekly previews/progress updates.
    • Name in the credits (optional).

    $5 Patrons:
    • All previous rewards
    • Access to this month's current Patreon build.
    • Access to general discussions and polls

    $10 Patrons:
    • All previous rewards
    • Access to important deciding polls about game content.
    • More previews of upcoming scenes.
    • The option to help playtest the new Patreon build a few days early.

    Of-course this may change in the future. I may add some different tiers or change the rewards. The main difference between $5 polls and $10 polls will be that the $5 polls will mostly be for gathering feedback and deciding what direction to take the game in. Where as $10 polls will be used to decide on specific features, character designs, scenes, quests, events, enemies, etc. Hopefully it will become more clear when you see it in action. :)

    1. Writing/Planning:
    Alright, back to the original topic at hand. When dealing with image sets, the writing and planning stage is a lot simple. You brainstorm what's going to happen, then you decide what the action in each image is going to be, and finally you write the dialogue for the characters if there's any.

    In a branching RPG like 'Terminal Desires' though, it gets a lot more involved. Not only because, depending on player choice, Tiffany can react in different ways or scenes can be bypassed entirely, but also due to the fact that there are gameplay segments that fit between the story & sex scenes. If you've never played one of these hentai RPGs before, the best way to describe it is basically a series of 'choose-your-own-adventure' image sets with gameplay segments in between. There's combat, exploration and other quests that will be added in the future to make things interesting as you progress through the game's story with Tiffany.

    If you've honestly never played one of these types of games before, I'd highly recommend checking out the following two games, since they're great examples of RPG's that inspired me to make my own:

    Anyway, this stage also involves planning all the various gameplay features, like the 'armor pieces' mechanic I mentioned in the first Devblog. But also the combat progression, loot, character stats and needs. And other more complicated things such as how the pregnancy system will operate, but more on that in another Devblog. Just know that for now, it will be possible to get Tiffany impregnated in this game, as early as the second sex scene as well! But it will also be possible to avoid it by either player choice or using birth control pills, etc. Only human characters for now (since the infected's sperm are 'dead') but who knows what developments are not-so-secretly planned for the story's future. ;)

    2. Rendering:
    This one is mostly the same, except now I need to render character dialogue shots, with different expressions & states of undress depending on the player choice. Making multiple variations of an image can be time consuming. But I can also cut down on renders with the gameplay segments, so it all evens out in the end I think.

    3. Implementing:
    This is the phase where I stick everything together, actually add in all the game systems, set up the scenes add sound and effects to make the sex scenes more interesting. And also adding the combat segments and designing maps. RPG Maker MV is incredibly simple to use, in some ways it's a little too simple, but it's fine for my current needs. After doing nothing but renders for around 7-8 years now, this is the part I find most refreshing and enjoyable. Hopefully people will also appreciate this fresh way to experience these little stories of mine. :)

    Well what do you know, I ended up writing a bit of a short novel here! I had to cut things a little short here since I really need to get back to it! Thanks for your support. Leave your questions & comments below as always. I hope you're as excited about this as I am!

    ~ Jim

    Wednesday, September 19, 2018

    OIL: Chapter One - Released and Comic Preview

    Hey everyone. Finally, the fist chapter of 'Our Intergalactic Lovers' is out at Affect3D!

    You can find it here:

    As you can see, 'Chapter One' leads on from the events of 'Chapter Zero', so make sure to give that and the characters interviews a read first to get all the story so far:

    Thanks for waiting so patiently for this, and please consider purchasing Chapter One if you want to show your support for this series. Future chapters won't take so long to come out! As always, don't forget to check out Camille from Seishi who wrote and lettered this comic. Plus, a text-less image set version is included with the purchase.

    Here's a more detailed description of the chapter taken from the store page:


    'Our Intergalactic Lovers' (OIL) is a science fiction series that takes place in an alternate future, almost 200 years from now. Early contact with advanced alien lifeforms has rapidly progressed humanity’s technological capabilities, allowing them to travel freely across the galaxies. That wasn’t all they did however, they’re also suspected of doing something to human females, changing them and making them more sexually insatiable than ever before. Angered by this, the patriarchal governing body of humanity’s colonies, ‘The Federation’ engaged in an ignorant and aggressive over expansion campaign that has put them at political odds with other forms of intelligent life for many decades. Under federation law, contact with alien lifeforms is forbidden.

    Beyond the edge of human controlled space lies the seemingly uninhabited planet of 'Vithornes', orbited by a Federation space station. ‘Kiva Station’ is home to many federation scientists keen to complete their research and return home to the relative safety of humanity’s numerous colony worlds. It is on this station that Federation Doctor, ‘Ridori Maho’, will engage in a series of interspecies sexual encounters and embark on a grand journey across the cosmos.

    ‘OIL: Chapter One’ features the beginning of Ridori’s story, her first contact with alien life, and a hint at some of the trouble beginning to brew around her…


    What's Included:

    • The 40 comic pages (1320x1860p) in PNG format (Plus front and back covers)
    • The 81 original, textless comic panels (1600x900p) in PNG format
    • The 2 original, textless comic covers (1080x1920p) in PNG format
    • A compilation of all previously released OIL content including: bonus images, character interviews and concept renders (also in PNG format)

    Thanks again. Remember to come back here and leave your feedback. We'd love to hear it.

    ~ Jim

    Saturday, September 15, 2018

    Terminal Desires: Devblog - 01

    Hey everyone. As we await the release of "OIL: Chapter One" on Affect3D's store  (18th of September), I've been working pretty hard on 'Terminal Desires'. Yeah, I decided to change the name as 'Desires' just fit a lot more than 'Diaries'.

    Alright, so I'm going to be starting these 'Devblog' posts to share my progress on the game and talk about what to expect in version 0.1 which will be coming out at the end of the month. Today, I thought I'd talk a bit about the armor pieces system, and a look at a few of the characters you will bump into at the start of the game.

    Armor Pieces System:
    OK, so in 'Terminal Desires', as you'd probably guessed, the zombies aren't trying to bite/eat Tiffany (our protagonist). They are of course trying to fuck her. These are sexist zombies however, they infect the men the normal way, through biting/eating. For women, they are infected through the ingestion of, or insemination by, the zombie's semen. So it's not going to be a particularly gory game if that's what you were imagining. It will be pretty similar to how the zombies worked in my 'Emily's Investigation' set from years ago. Except everything looks a lot newer & nicer now :).

    Right, well if the Zombies aren't trying to hurt the women, how does combat work? Well, luckily for the girls, the zombies play by a strict set of rules: they won't touch a woman until she's been stripped completely naked. So that's how combat works. Tiffany and the zombies politely takes turns exchanging blows. Tiffany is using her pistol or melee weapon to attempt to kill the zombies while they try to strip her naked. This is where the 'Armor Pieces' come in. Of course, she's wearing a skimpy, micro bikini, but referring to it as 'armor' is more fun to me. Like your classic bikini armor from your typical hentai JRPGs. At the start of the game, Tiffany has 3 armor pieces. Her belt, her bikini top, and her panties. Her golden heels and earrings will stay on the whole time since the zombies don't consider those to be 'armor pieces'.

    When the zombies strip these items, they damage them. So they must be repaired before Tiffany can wear them again. Luckily, Tiffany can find "Armor Repair Kits" hidden around the town of 'Ashton Lake' while exploring. Using a kit will repair the most recently stripped item. Zombies are very particular about the order in which they Strip items, They will always strip Tiffany in the same order. An 'Armor Repair Kits' can only be used outside of combat of course. It just wouldn't be an "authentic" and "immersive" zombie experience if Tiffany was able to repair her micro bikini mid-combat. ;)

    So, once the Zombies have managed to strip Tiffany completely naked, then what? Well, they'll swap from trying to strip Tiffany to trying to 'overpower' her and force her into submission. If they knock Tiffany down to her knees, Tiffany will have 2 choices: she can submit to them and allow them to fuck her, or, she can expend some endurance points and resist their attack, getting herself back into the fight. As Tiffany levels up by slaying zombies in combat, her maximum pool of endurance points will increase. She can replenish Endurance points by sleeping or by using certain items. Fucking too much will also drain her endurance. She'll still be able to have sex with 0 endurance, but she'll be extra susceptible to developing an addiction to the cocks of her attackers. Endurance may also be used for other story events in the future, so using all your endurance points in a fight not always be the best option at the time.

    While Tiffany is immune to the infection (Otherwise there'd be 'bad-ends' every 5 minutes), she can still be eventually tamed and mind fucked by her enemies. Or she can just be a submissive slut from the beginning. It's ultimately up to player choice, or how well they fair during combat.

    This section won't be as long since I don't want to spoil all the things the characters will be doing in v0.1 since it will only be a small section of the start of the game and I'd like to leave a bit of mystery for those who are interested. So I'll just talk about the 2 who are the most relevant at the start of the game as of now.

    First there's Vanessa. A girl that Tiffany can help save during the first zombie encounter of the game.

    And then there's Robert, an old, fat & ugly man with some perverted requests, a hidden tie to the plot at large and a strong relationship with an important character to appear throughout the rest of the Ashton Lake town story. Plus a giant, fat cock for Tiffany to enjoy if she so chooses...

    Those 2, along with Tiffany's police partner: 'Terry', will be the main NPC characters encountered during the first version coming at the end of the month. But we've got plenty more planned for future parts of the story. And the goal is that people who support the game on Patreon, will get to have a say in which characters or types of characters/enemies we focus on as development progresses. 

    Speaking of future characters, one of the most important NPC's in the game will be 'Ali Guerra'. A special forces operative who happened to be taking some R&R in the town of Ashton Lake when shit hit the fan and the infection started to spread. She's a bit of a badass, but she's got the difficult task of leading the survivors and managing everyone's fears, expectations, & the other social issues that start to brew during an apocalyptic scenario.

    What kind of relationship will Tiffany maintain with Ali? One's fate will directly influence the other's...

    Hope you enjoyed this type of post. I hope to do a couple more before the release. Feel free to ask any questions below and I'll try and answer them.

    ~ Jim