Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wonder Woman v Gremlins: Part 1 (Commision)

OK, So here is another one. This one's a little more substantial than the last commission piece I did. I'll be honest I'm not a huge super hero fan especially when it comes to super heroines losing power due to "mind control". I think mind control is a lazy writing mechanic and is way to overused in this genre. As usual I prefer the more natural (even if its is a bit cliche) "seduced by big cock" route as I believe that even that is more believable than "Mind Control". Doesn't mind control take the fun out of it? If the villain or monster is mind controlling the girl then isn't he just fucking himself? Anyway that's just a little ramble on super hero porn that I've had on my mind for ages. Now on to the stuff about this set that isn't about silly mind control hacks. (sorry fans of mind control but your trope sucks ;P)

As the title suggests, this is part 1 of what's looking like 3 sets featuring new girl Diana (Wonder Woman) and a horde of Gremlin admirers. Lots more transformation kinks and fetishes coming up in the next 2 parts. This one is more tame and introductory like with just a little breast expansion from her pregnancy. Anyway, this is part 1 and there's 2 download options. The regular comic version with dialogue, and then the image only version with the clean renders without the text on top for those who just want the artwork or whatever. The set was commissioned by "Naughty Owl".

And without further ado, here is the usual synopsis and download links:

"It is Christmas Eve and Wonder Woman is investigating a series of break-ins and burglaries at numerous shopping centers across the city.  Several clues have lead her to a dimly lit abandoned subway station where she encounters the creature behind it all. This is the first part in a 3 part image set containing 22 images and featuring Diana (Wonder Woman) alongside a horny Gremlin admirer. Art and Story by Jimjim."

Download 48.72 MB
Image Only Version: Download 49.19 MB
View Online: Here (Lower Res)

Also here are the character concepts I did for the set:

As usual, any feedback or questions is appreciated and feel free to follow my Tumblr if you haven't already for some slightly more consistent but shorter posts and previews etc. More stuff coming eventually as well so stay tuned!

~ Jimjim


  1. Just found your comic. Thanks for sharing it. I love super heroines in peril and I loved your version of Wonder Woman.
    You mentioned you dont like "mind control", me neither, but I would have put a little more "fighting" into it. The heroine was so easily defeated and she was all about sex very fast. I agree the fucking is something that eventually should break the heroine's will and endurance. But having her giving up fast like that is just too slutty. I have a few panels I did in Poser. Wanna see them?

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment. Ultimately I agree that in a perfect set it would have taken a little longer to seduce her but the reality is that this was the first part of a paid commission. Meaning that since I was charging for each page we kind of had to skip over some of it. You'd probably have to use your imagination a bit and amuse that they were fucking for a lot longer than was shown.

      But at the end of the day the reason this part of glossed over was because the main purpose of the commission is not really about defeating Wonder Woman, its about body and mind corruption. The bulk of the story is in Parts 2 and 3 and they mainly focus on corruption and body modification. So this is the most vanilla part. People who liked this part may not like the subsequent parts.

      And finally it's not really my take on Wonder Woman so much as it is my take on wonder Woman if she existed in my "verse". Meaning that in my "verse" the women are innately attracted to monster/alien cocks. It's hard-coded in their DNA due to events that I haven't really gotten around to depicting yet in any of my sets. And I know Wonder Woman technically is not exactly human but its easier to just say in my verse she basically is. Again super heroes ain't really my thing so I tend to treat them more as regular humans.

      Anyway that's my ramblings, hopefully somewhere in there is your answer. TL;DR - pages limited by nature of paid commission, the seduction of Wonder Woman is not the main focus of the overarching set. As for you're pannels sure I'm always up for checking out others work.

  2. really enjoyed the first part of this and your art is amazing. wanted to know what type of body modifications will there be in the other 2 parts of this story?

    1. Over the next two parts we'll be experimenting with Breast, Ass and Lip expansion, nail growth, muscle loss, probably some skin and hair color or texture changes as well as some tattoos and piercings. Nothing's 100% right now as I have yet to begin work on the second part or even design any of the modifications but in a way you could say it will be similar to my experimental affairs image set for her changes but maybe not we'll have to wait and see.

  3. I'd love to see some hot cum inflation and some bigger dicks in her :D

  4. I'm so glad I found this site and your works Jim. Diana looks wonderfully overdone here lol. Hope part 2 comes soon.

    I like how you take suggestions and ideas. I have one for another race if you'd like to hear it. Have a small backstory and hierarchy too.

    1. Hey thanks for all the comments you've been posting, it's good to see people checking out the "history" of the blog. Though as you've probably learned from al the posts that I take ages to get things done. Lara's Swim is almost finally done and then proper work will begin on part 2. Unfortunately I've been to busy to get anything done these past 2 weeks so people will have to bear with me a little longer.

      As for your suggestion, go ahead, nobodies stopping you though of course I cannot guarantee anything. Feel free to post it as a comment here or email it to me. You can find my email on the Link exchange page.

    2. Thanks for getting back to me. Life gets in the way of doing things so no worries about lateness. I should tell you though this is my first time posting. The Anonymous guy posting is someone else. Don't want to take his credit.

      My idea is of a race of succubi and incubi. The succubi are bigger than the incubi and the size difference is the same as the gremlin and WW here. The succubi have a queen who's the queen b/c her boobs are the biggest and the incubi Kolong is king b/c he's the smartest. Both sides aren't THAT smart but the incubi are noticbly smarter as a whole.

      The backstory is that they lived side-by-side peacefully and had sex together a lot. The incubi wanted more sex but the succubi could and did say no because they were bigger and stronger and could. The king came up with an idea to enslave the succubi. He convinced the queen to play a game with their species. They played a "Master/Slave" game.

      The game goes with the Incubi somehow defeating and enslaving the succubi and turning them into their sex slaves. The succubi found the game fun and went with it. The incubi used it as a way to get all the sex they wanted out of them. The queen is the king's personal sex slave too.

      Slowly over 1000 years of this "game" going on without end the incubi have completely taken over and changed their culture to one where the incubi rule and all the succubi wear, think, and do very slutty things for them. Only a few even remember its a game.

      What do you think?

    3. Ok, sorry for the anon mixup, there was just a heap of comments all around the same time so I figured it was from the same person. Anyway, thanks for the idea. I will probably do something similar to this for one of the races in the future. Especially since Emily's adventures and the events of OIL take place in space with heaps of different alien life and species and planets so I did need to come up with some interesting ones. I'm not sure if you read some of what I wrote I while back about some of the lore behind some of my alien races, but I did have a sort of system with them where each race had a King/Queen and they were the ones with the largest Cocks/Breasts so these guys will fit well with that kind of theme.

      One question though, what is a Kolong? Did you mean to type King or is that something else?

    4. It's OK I know there was a lot of people talking so I didn't want you to get confused.

      Do you mean the Elphine? They are similar but my idea was a bit different. The King (there is no kolong. That was a typo) inubus tricked the queen succubus and things went from there. They developed into a Master and Slave race but there was a chance it could go back to normal. I had more info but it was getting long and I didn't want to bog you down with info if you didn't like it.

      I was hoping the Succubi and Elphine could bang in a future story. The succubi have been sex slaves for so long they just go along with whoever wants to have sex with them. This way any of your characters could do them easily. The humans and mosnters and other aliens.

      Do you want some more info? I can't draw otherwise I'd send a pic lol.

    5. Yeah sure, send any info you want to

      It is easier to keep track of things there than in the comments section but If you want to remain completely anonymous than you can just reply here. Up to you. Again, I can't promise anything other than one day I'll probably make them into races when I need more alien races etc in the future.

    6. I think I'll email you. Just so I can be more specif and maybe get some feed back. I like the idea and want to get an professional opinion on it. Just going to take a little while to properly word it.

  5. Love this set, cant wait to see a Part2

    1. Part 2 is coming soon, stay tuned :)

  6. As a DC Comics fan and a Superheroine in peril fan, (I have a subscription to HIP Comix), I really like seeing the heroines like Wonder Woman and Supergirl... in perilous situations.

    I'm looking forward to part 2 of this story... And part 3 as well. I'd love to see more stories featuring other heroic characters (original and those belonging to mainstream comics) in this vain.

    And I stopped by your tumblr and congrats on your hentai-manga release!


    1. Hey Anthony, Thanks for the comment. I'll be working more on Part 2 soon so hopefully it won;t be too much longer. There's some other super-hero themed stuff I have in the works as well.

      As for the hentai-manga. That's not my project, I was just re-blogging the post. I did help edit some of the English text though. I am working with the writer of that comic on an upcoming project however.