Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Behind the Scenes - Wonder Woman's Body Modifications

Hi all,

Thanks for the positive feedback on Part 2 of Wonder Woman v Gremlins. While I can't confirm a Part 3 at this point, I can say you'll definitely be seeing more gremlins in the future in at least some capacity ;)

When I released Part 2, I said I'd make another post shortly after giving you guys a look at some of the transformations Diana's body went through for this part. I did a bunch of test images while we were coming up with all the changes the gremlins would make to her. So I'll post them here for you and say a couple of things about them.

First we've got some front-on views. I didn't do any images of her initial body (or the one from the end of part 1/start of part 2) so I just have these two. The first image is of her transformed body after she finished drinking the green concoction on page 11, page 12-28 features this body. The main differences were bigger breasts, longer nails and lashes, but probably most importantly (story-wise) was the muscle loss. We removed the arm and leg muscle definition as well as her abs. In part 2 we really wanted to focus on the physical weakening of Diana's body.

The middle image is of her body after she ingests the fertility pills on page 28, page 29-33 features this body. The changes should be easy to see, more milk in her breasts (this time making them heavier and less firm), darkening the nipples & areolae and also making her whole body a little curvier/thicc. We also added the plot element that as the gremlins drank her milk, this time they're drain away her super powers. So by the end of Part 2 Diana is no longer Wonder Woman, but just a regular woman. Well... if you could call her a regular woman at this point ;)

Then there's the tattoos on the far right. Normally I'm very picky when it comes to tattoos on my girls but in the context of ruining Diana's body I really like how these turned out. In the final version I reworked the tatoo's with text so that they were full of spelling mistakes to signify the gremlins lack of English skills. If you look at the tattoos in the part 2 release you'll see for example they've spelt gremlins > gramlins & grimlins etc. It's a small touch but helps add to that feel of the gremlins really wrecking Diana's body. I mean if they're going to ink you up with tramp stamps atleast have the decency to spell correctly! But I guess that's just another element that further turns Diana on.

Here are some other views

Yes. That is indeed a gremlin's face tattooed around Diana's Pussy. 

She also gets a belly piercing in the final version but I didn't take any extra test images of that. Expect a lot more of these sorts of modifications if part 3 goes ahead. She would also start developing some more gremlin-like features as well. So different colors for eyes, hair, skin (not full green and bumpy, just a slight amount), perhaps some fangs and other things, we'll see...

See ya soon with a few more blog posts before the end of the year.

~ Jim

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