Saturday, January 13, 2018

Strippa & Kolong: Origin (Commission)

Alright here it is, the first release of 2018. Hopefully everyone is doing OK so far. I said I'd do a 'behind the scenes' post but I was focused on some other things this week so I'll do that post later.

These characters were created and Commission by "Mr. Steal Your Waifu" so you have him to thank for these.

This turned out to be quite a bit of fun to work on. I'm not usually all that into monster girls but I'm fairly simple minded and really like how her skin turned out. I like bright shiny colors. Makes my brain go "Wow". Plus, so much of what I've done in the past has had a very dull atmosphere or color scheme so this was a little refreshing in a way. That being said there's plenty of darker sets coming out in the future. Strippa herself was a lot of fun to design, but I'll talk about that more in the behind the scenes post.

The idea behind this set is there's a kingdom where the female species are Succubi and the Male species are Incubi. The Succubi are the dominant race, being physically larger and more imposing, so their society operates under a Matriarchy where the Queen (in this case Strippa) is the Succubi with the largest breasts. All this starts to change though when Kolong, an Incubi childhood friend of Strippa, convinces her to start a kingdom wide Master & Slave game that drastically changes the direction of their society.

Here's the whole set (6 pages) with download link at the bottom if you want the "No text" Version as well. Images 5 & 6 take place after a little extra time has passed and Strippa has gotten more comfortable with the idea of "The Game."


Later Again:

Text & No Text Version Download 39.64 MB

I have no doubt that you'll be seeing more from these characters and this universe again in the future so look forward to that.

This was the final commission piece from a bunch that I accepted a while ago so I'm going to be primarily focusing on my own projects like "OIL" and "Emily's Negotiation" over the next couple of months. But I also intend to post more frequently so make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming things.

I'll do a post sometime during next week with all the behind the scenes & WIP images I did for this commission. 

~ Jim

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  1. NICE! Strippa is so hot and Kolong is a sneaky fuck