The Girls

So bellow is the long awaited list of the girls that I have at my disposal. In the future I may update this so that each girl gets her own page with her stats and a Bio. For now you'll just have to make due with some high resolution renders of all the girls you can request along with their name and age.

Name: Jennifer (Jen)                                                                Name: Tanya             
Age: 19                                                                                     Age: 29

Name: Ashley                                                                          Name: Sally (Elf)             
Age: 21                                                                                    Age: 25

Name: Emily                                                                            Name: April             

Age: 25                                                                                     Age: 26

Name: Lara                                                                              Name: Phoebe        
Age: 35                                                                                    Age: 27

Name: Sydney                                                                         Name: Fae (Elf)
Age: 18                                                                                    Age: 18

Name: Heather                                                                        Name: Diana
Age: 27                                                                                    Age: ??

Name: Kaleisha                                                                        Name: Kaleisha (18 years after "Experimental Affairs")
Age: 19                                                                                    Age: 37
Name: Kali  (Kaleisha's daughter)                                          Name: Mandy
Age: 18                                                                                    Age: ??
Name: Ridori                                         
Age: 25                                                                                   

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