The Monsters

OK, here are the Monsters! If you have any requests for different monsters feel free to post your comments below and I'll see what I can do.

Name: Goblin                                                                          Name: Imp

Name: Fish-man                                                                      Name: Turtle-man

Name: Zombie                                                                        Name: Grey

Name: Giant                                                                            Name: Hobgoblin

Name: Kregan                                                                          Name: Sekkan

Name: Elphine                                                                         Name: Plurrox

Name: Orc                                                                              Name: Minotaur

Name: Gremlin                                                                       Name: Ghoulish Warlock

Name: Strippa (Succubi)                                                         Name: Kolong (Incubi)

In case you were wondering these are their flaccid states so they get bigger when erect! Also the good thing about these models is that you can have multiple of each creature in a scene at once. For example; a horde of horny zombies, a mountain camp of grumpy giants or 4 ninja turtles all with different faces, body shapes and cock sizes!


  1. Hmmm... what about a centaur, with a human AND a horse penis? Or something alien ie the grey men? I've seen them rendered in tall and short varities. How about a dinosaur - or even cavemen?

  2. hello i wondering if you do animations and such with these monsters? or do you have 3d models that can be animated?

    1. I don't do animations sorry, I'm not an animator. All these characters are daz studio characters with morphs applied. Either Genesis or Genesis 2 male so I didn't model them from scratch or anything.

    2. Oooh ok thanks for that dude. i do like the kregan the sekkan. the only thing is that the sekkan's feet are off to me like they were suppose to be digi-graded. i also hope to see that story you are working on. i like the various alien creatures and so on so i hope to see it sometime

    3. No problem. Now that you mention it the Sekkan's feet do look a bit out of place I may change that before they make an official appearance. I'm currently pretty busy but I do plan on getting Emily's Negotiation: Scene 1 out before the end of the year along with one or 2 more smaller projects. It all depends on how much time I get though.

    4. Ahh gotcha dude and you do you man. I like alien pairings though I wished there were more gay ones lol.

    5. cool i hope to see more things and such. i want to learn 3d myself to try this all out

    6. Nice pages. I looking longer here, also nice monsters with big cocks.
      Maybe a still hint, create a new monster with a superbig cock, bigger the the girl they raped.
      Here a hint with photo: