Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Night of the Warlock (Commission)

Here it is, "Night of the Warlock' a 12 image mini-set commission by DocVilly. I had a lot of fun with this one despite my previous rant on the "Wonder Woman v Gremlins" release where I talked about my dislike for mind control tropes in super heroine works. Like I said in my behind the scenes post, there will probably be a continuation to this set at some point in the future. And I will be using the Mandy model in future works since I like what I did with her.

Anyway, here is the usual synopsis:

"Upstart Heroine the 'Urban Sentinel' is investigating a string of missing women cases. There are rumors going around of the fabled 'Ghoulish Warlock' being somehow involved. Believe him only to be the stuff of legends, Mandy is quite surprised to discover that the culprit she's been trailing is actually him!. This mini-set contains 12 images with story featuring Mandy (Urban Sentinel) along with the Ghoulish Warlock. Art by Jimjim & Story by DocVilly who commissioned the set."
And here is the text version of the set itself. A clean version of the set (with no text) can be found in the download link at the bottom of this post. Enjoy:

Text & Clean Version Download 57.9 MB

More posts coming soon so stay tuned, and follow me on Tumblr where I just surpassed 1000 followers (thanks).  I hope to be posting there more frequently from now on. I will hopefully be getting around to giving this blog a bit of facelift as-well. I've been meaning to update and reorganize the "Girls" page for quite some time...

~ Jimjim


  1. I loved it! Beautiful job Partner! :)

  2. Will you be continuing this? This was one of my favorite hypnos I have seen ever

    1. That's the plan. I just have a bunch of other projects I need to finish up first. Even if this specific story doesn't continue, I'll be using these characters again in some capacity.

    2. Awesome, glad to know. I know it says you aren't all about the whole mind control thing but this was damn good.